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Even the best security software is no replacement for taking sensible precautions in dealing with internet and email traffic.

trend micro hijack this is intended to be a resource for everything related to Computer Trojans.

What’s on this site

If you are here to get some software to detect and remove a trojan or trojan virus from your computer, (and this is what most people visit this site for), then you should click on the Software Download Link. Here you will find free trojan removers as well as shareware and commercial trojan removers, anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls and more.

Have I got a trojan ? shows you what you need to do identify if you have any intruders lurking in the recesses of your PC, while Trojan Removal gives information and simple step by step instructions to assist you to secure your system and start the malware removal process as safely as possible once a threat has been identified.

10 Simple Anti-Trojan Rules offers of our best advice on minimizing the future risk of a Trojan infection and recommends ways to protect your system and it keep free of all other malware.

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Need Technical Assistance ? does not have a forum to answer your individual inquiries but if you require assistance from an expert on a specific trojan issue or any other computer problem we can point you in the right direction to some of the best Tech Professionals on the internet, who freely give their own time to help the rest of us.

You will find links to these internet heroes under Technical Assistance Forums.